iAMgaming Ladders


iAMGaming has nothing to do with the google ads on this chat widget. They are embedded by Mibbit and cannot be removed without extreme monthly fees which I choose not to pay. If you want to support Mibbit definitely feel free to click them but know that it does not have anything to do with us.

If you would rather have the chat session open in a resizable new window click HERE. (This one works better in the PS3 browser)

Basic information:

- You do not need to know anything about IRC to be a user of this interface. Simply type in a nickname of your choice click connect and in you'll go. No account creation or sign up of any kind is necessary.

- You can use any nickname you want provided no one is currently logged into the chat room with it. I would recommend you use something close to your forum ID so people know who you are. DO NOT impersonate anyone as your IP is logged and you will be banned for it.

- When you click connect you will be automatically connected to 3 channels which are represented by tabs at the top of the chat screen:
#iamgaming = General Chat
#iamgaming_ut3 = UT3 Chat/PUG
#iamgaming_ql = Quake Live Chat/PUG

- Moderation of these channels will be light but basically the same rules as the fists of fury forum apply here...swearing etc is allowed but nothing related to race, creed, religion, or sexual orientation, porn, piracy, and/or threats will be tolerated. Again everything is logged so just because there may not be an active op on the channel doesn't mean we won't see it.

- If you want to have a private chat with someone all you have to do is click on their name in the user list on the right hand side. A sub menu will come down and you click on PM. A separate tab will open with that users ID and you will now be a private chat with them (only on that tab).